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PT HGT Services Indonesia Was established on 11 November 2011

PT HGT Services Indonesia was a independent company, and our focus is about IT services and we have 22 Service Point(Building + Engineer) accross Indonesia and our support for 300 Cities in accross Indonesia.

PT HGT Services Indonesia Has a Partnership and colaboration with many principal, local company and Multi National Company.

  • Staging (To Prepare the units)
  • Delivery (To Deliver the Units)
  • Deployment (To Setting The units)
  • Maintenance with/Without SLA(To Maintain the Units)
  • Reporting (To Evaluate The Services)

Offering The Latest Software And IT Services To Our Customers!

HGT Services been helping organizations and Providers to manage their IT with our unique approach to technology management and consultancy solutions.


Staging services is the service to make sure every units in a good condition before we deliver to our customer, in staging services we are doing some…


Deployment services was one of our service, when the units come to user location, engineer will setting for unit and do a few activity like : Unpacking…


Delivery Services was one of the services in HGT, with this services after the unit done for staging,we will Prepared to send to our Customer,in this…


Maintenance Process in HGT was a main service, in this service we monitor all the unit in agreement and have resolution time to solve the problem. Below…

Coverage Area HGT Services Indonesia

HGT Have Own service point accross indonesia to give the best services and support for the Service Level Agreement (SLA)!